High-end Equipment Manufacturing


The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the cornerstone for Tunghsu Group. Starting from high-end equipment manufacturing, and with independent innovation and innovation mode of integration of university, research and industry , the Tunghsu Group has accumulated strong technical strength, and became the only company in China, which has manufacturing capability of complete equipment of TFT- LCDs substrate glass.  Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., a listed company and subsidiary of Tunghsu Group, is the largest supplier of flat panel display glass and equipment of flat panel display glass in China.

At present, Tunghsu Group has fully mastered the manufacturing technology of equipment of TFT-LCD substrate glass, equipment of TFT-LCD cover glass and equipment of solar module. Meanwhile the company actively expands industry chain and continuously promotes equipment localization of FPD industry.

High-end equipment manufacture is the key business for Tunghsu Group, and it will be a powerful engine to drive industry upgrading and provide support for the fully development of Tunghsu Group.