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With Mixislink, Tunghsu Azure seizes the energy blockchain highland to create the smart energy upgrading

On June 28th, Tunghsu Azure announced that the company invested 15 million yuan to acquire a 20% stake in MixisLink Technology, a solar energy provider. 

This investment is the crucial measure for Tunghsu Azure’s smart energy strategic planning, helping the company deploy leading blockchain technology and promote constructing a more efficient energy trading system. The company will get a broader performance growth space by smart energy consumption, energy consumption cost optimization, and energy trading efficiency promotion.

MixisLink Tech is the Chinese leading energy blockchain technology provider. China Energy, State Grid and China Energy Conservation, and Environmental Protection Group have approved MixisLink Tech's products and services. In addition, the company has built the industry-university-research cooperative relationships with North China Electric Power University, Wuhan University, and other scientific institutions.

MixisLink Tech has developed strong research and development strength. It has a professional team with software and hardware, communication, and energy industry experience. Its core personnel had worked in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley for many years and led multiple product development projects covering cloud, big data, AI, IoT, and other projects. The CEO of MixisLink Tech has more than 17 years of experience in communication, cloud computing testing and big data research and development management. 

Through the investment, Tunghsu Azure will seize the energy blockchain highland with MixisLink Tech, to promote building a more efficient and smart energy control system and realize the synergy of different energy systems.